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Magicka Ritual Oil
Luna Botanica Studio

Magicka Ritual Oil

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This oil is made from fractionated coconut oil, additional carrier oil, and a blend of essential oils and botanicals. All the oils are infused with a Clear Quartz except Selene which contains pieces of Amethyst. I chose these ingredients based on their medicinal and magical properties.

You can use the oil as an oil for the body or for the hair and even in the bath. You can also use this oil in your rituals, as an anointing or as inspiration comes.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For external use only.

Aphrodite was the Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. In addition to coconut oil, Aphrodite contains rosehip oil, patchouli and ylang-ylang essential oil, hibiscus and rose flowers. Patchouli is a well-known aphrodisiac and is often incorporated into lust and love spells. Ylang-Ylang is associated with the planet Venus and divine feminine energy, its powerful energy is perfect for manifesting happiness, love and pleasure. The rose is a classic symbol of love, roses help to soften our energy and open our hearts to love. In spiritual practices, hibiscus flowers are also associated with love and are considered an aphrodisiac.

Plutus, in Greek mythology, is the god of abundance and wealth. In addition to coconut oil, Plutos contains Jojoba oil and a blend of sweet orange essential oil (Luck, abundance, prosperity, fortune telling, fertility), bergamot (Money, success, increase physical and magical energy), cedarwood (Purification, compensation, banishment, healing, abundance, prosperity, wisdom) and jasmine flowers (Love, money, prophetic dreams, relaxation, psychic protection of the aura)

Selene, in Greek mythology is the goddess of the moon. It is considered to be the all-seeing eye in the night since the moon is always visible in the night sky. Its powers agree with lunar magic: healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotions. In addition to coconut oil, Selene contains evening primrose oil, the evening primrose flower is recommended for ceremonies related to the moon. Essential oil and dried lavender flowers. Lavender is known to balance emotions, soothe headaches and strengthen the conscious mind. With pieces of amethyst replacing Quartz.



Although all of our products are made from long-standing natural ingredients that have been used for a long time, we cannot guarantee any specific result. Keep out of reach of children, except under adult supervision. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent severe disease. Consult a health professional in the event of illness.

Format: 30ml